Jason in Tacloban
This is my personal little slice of the internet. It's primarily where I share things that may be useful or interesting. It also serves as background and resume, as needed.

I am primarily a hacker, architect and entrepreneur. In the course of my career I’ve worked in defense and national security, cloud computing, telecommunications, finance and trading. I've also served as founder, co-founder, or CTO in web or technology start-ups. I’ve built teams, had to shutter or downsize companies, and worn a variety of hats trying to bring an idea to market.

I’ve worked on software engineering at the embedded firmware layer, up to large-scale, globally-distributed platforms. I’ve also developed physical products for some of my projects, ranging from textiles, to electronics and hardware. I’ve performed penetration testing and internal red-teaming, up to real-world information collections in hostile environments. My focus, however, has generally been on building secure systems rather than exploitation.

Jason in Iraq
In my personal life, I’ve spent quite a lot of time overseas, supporting humanitarian efforts in disasters and conflicts. I've organized or contributed to open-source community events or projects. My proudest, or happiest, achievements have been when I’ve helped save lives, helped people succeed, or brought a new product to life. I love building and improving things.

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