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Anomie Technologies
A secure communications start-up
2018 – 2022: Founder & CEO

We built secure communications peripherals for business travelers and other high value personnel. These peripherals worked with their existing phones and laptops to ensure absolute privacy.
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Third Block Group
Consulting services for humanitarian and government sector
2013 – 2020, Founder & Managing partner

Our mission was to improve the outcomes of U.S. engagement in global disasters and conflicts. We enabled others to have greater impact through open collaboration, improved technology and streamlined operations.

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Jump Trading
Proprietary trading firm
2011 – 2013, Systems Architect

My role was to transform their systems management infrastructure from human-procedure driven into a software-driven services platform. I designed the system and led the effort to build it.
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Jasons Consulting
Independent consulting and ventures
2008 – 2011, Independent Consulting

I served in many roles from engineer, to subject matter expert, to interim CTO. I worked for a variety of organizations covering technology and national security domains. I also served in humanitarian efforts overseas.
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One of the first cloud computing companies in the world.
2004 – 2008, Founder & CEO

Created one of the world's first cloud computing companies to solve the scaling and reliability problems facing growing web companies. The platform leveraged concepts such as geo-weighted DNS, BGP fail-over IP routing, shared-nothing architectures, replicated memory, and transportable session states.
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JP Morgan Chase
Corporate Internet Group & Capital Markets
2001 – 2004, Lead FX Developer, Web Applications Architect

I served in two roles, initially as lead Online Foreign Exchange Developer and later as Systems Architect in the Commercial Banking Internet Group. I maintained latency sensitive trading applications as well as designed robust enterprise systems.
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Global law firm
2000 – 2001, Unix Systems Consultant

As a consultant I managed the firms global footprint of unix systems, assisted in migration to new platforms, and designed easier maintenance procedures for in-house staff.
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Electric utility, deregulation project
2000 – 2000, Senior Analyst/Architect, Consultant

I was brought in as a consultant to assist in a deregulation project that opened up the grid to other electricity providers. I assisted in connecting the disparate systems and the data transformation software needed to support them.
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Motient - ARDIS Network
1999 – 2000, Network Analyst

I was responsible for a traffic data analysis system for the nationwide wireless data network that drove the first BlackBerry device. I helped identify capacity and interference problems as well as outages through custom written software.
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iDEN wireless voice and data infrastructure
1998 – 1999, Software Engineer

My role was as test, support, and operations engineer for the iDEN network, which drove the Nextel phones. I helped maintain, patch, and release operation software that drove the routing engine for the chirp-to-talk functionality as well as the world's first mobile-IP routing implementation.
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Real-time, multi-source, intelligence op-center
1994 – 1998 ActiveDuty, 1999 - 2000 Reserves, Intelligence Analyst

I served as an intelligence analyst, primarily in real-time multi-source operations centers or supporting live missions. I took on many ancillary roles and became subject matter expert on technical systems needed for the missions.
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